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Leverage points: targeted efforts could feed billions

July 17, 2014Emily DombeckFeatured, GLI PublicationComments Off

Leverage Points

Researchers in the Global Landscapes Initiative have proposed a set of key actions that they say could boost our ability to meet the food needs of billions more while reducing the negative environmental impacts of agriculture.

The study highlights “leverage points” in three key areas–increasing yields on existing farmland, using nutrients and water more efficiently, and using crops more efficiently.  According to lead author Paul West, “By pointing out specifically what we can do and where, it gives funders and policy makers the information they need to target their activities for the greatest good.”

More information and a link to the paper can be found at the Institute on the Environment.

“Dear food…” New issue brief on food loss and waste

April 21, 2014Emily DombeckFeatured, GLI PublicationComments Off

Uncomfortable fact: humans waste 1/2 of all vegetables, fruits, seafood, and 1/3 of all grains.  These findings and more are highlighted in a new issue brief penned by GLI graduate student Alex Reich and director Jon Foley for the Food Policy Research Center.  Along with the brief, there is an accompanying YouTube video produced by the team at MinuteEarth, which gives a sobering yet hopeful overview of the state of global food waste.

Issue brief: Food Loss and Waste in the US: The Science Behind the Supply Chain
YouTube video: Love Letter to Food


Future of Food: GLI/IonE nabs cover of National Geographic!

Jonathan Foley’s article, “A Five-Step Plan to Feed the World,” was released online in National Geographic this week, with print edition arriving in mailboxes and on newsstands soon.

©2014 National Geographic 

©2014 National Geographic

The May issue of the magazine (pictured above) kicks off an eight-month series on food.  Content from the magazine as well as online-exclusive extras will be aggregated at the new website

GLI Reading List – March 2014

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These are the stories that got us talking this month:

Jonathan Foley Receives Heinz Award in the Environment

February 25, 2014Emily DombeckFeatures ArchiveComments Off

Foley headshot verticalJonathan Foley, director of the Institute on the Environment at the University of Minnesota, has been named recipient of the Heinz Award in the Environment.

Please see the news release at UMNews for more details.

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